Las Vegas Boombox Summit


2016 Vegas Meet Shirt Logo For White Shirt

The West Coast Boomboxery members proudly invite all Boombox collectors to the 1st annual INTERNATIONAL Blaster Summit, Friday and Saturday September 23rd-24th, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Our Goal:

To bring Boombox collectors from far and wide together for the very fist time. International members as well as members from the United States are encouraged to make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas!

Why Las Vegas?

Las Vegas regularly has the cheapest airfares and tons of hotels with cheap prices.

Family Friendly:

Bring the whole family! Wives and Kids are welcome!

Where to stay?

We are currently looking into the possibility of discount rooms in a single hotel on the strip and a possible meeting hall. More details on this to follow. It would be fun to all be in the same hotel, all free to wander, hook up for meals, share radio’s in our rooms and come and go as we please ect.

How to move around in Las Vegas:

Almost all hotels have shuttles to and from the airport. Plus there are buses and shuttles that take people up and down the strip. There really isn’t a need to rent a car, but you’re welcome too. The hotels are mini cities with restaurants and stores inside.


As of right now, we only had two things planned. Collectors to meet Friday night and Saturday night for a photo shoot and BLAST OFF (time TBA), walk the strip and let it all hang out! Saturday night on Fremont street has the most neon in Las Vegas and the perfect backdrop for an over the top photo shoot. Breakfast blasts, lunch time blasts, poolside blasts and hotel room blasts are all encouraged! As we get close, these details will tighten up.

Plan Now!

Start the conversation NOW and put $$$ away and you will be there with us!

How to travel with a Boombox?

There are a few threads on on how to fly with a radio. Here is one




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